Parker Ehret

digital polymath. problem solver. coffee drinker. beard grower. picture taker.
Lead Product Designer at oneID. Previously at Yahoo.

What I’ve Learned So Far

Coffee first. Then decisions.

Experience first. Then push pixels.

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.

Select All. Delete.

When you stare at an empty whiteboard, do it silently.

Draw boxes and arrows. Solve the problem. Solve the problem again. Solve it better. You can always solve it better.

Technology moves quickly. Move faster.

If you have an idea in the shower, design it before lunch, build it before dinner. Ship it before you go to bed.

Sleepless nights launch products.

Solve complex problems with simple, beautiful and intuitive solutions. The more complex the problem is, the simpler the solution should be.

Foster the growth and direction of anyone who needs it. Lend your time to anyone who deserves it.

Give back.

Walk to the back, turn on the faucet, and wash the dishes every once in a while. Remember where you came from.

Never stop learning.

Wear a lot of hats. Wear a hat you shouldn’t be wearing. Learn how to wear it.

Communicate clearly.

Make everything easier. Make everything simpler. Make the world a better place. Because it should be. Because it can be.

Go change the world today. Because you can.

all this content

what happens with all this content? what happens with all the stuff i’ve “liked” and bookmarked? most importantly, where will it all end up?

i currently have a twitter for little thoughts, tumblr for big thoughts, flickr for film photos, instagram for mobile photos, i use gowalla as my social passport, i have vimeo for big videos, and now viddy for mobile videos.

that’s 7 sites that i add content to. 7 places that i bookmark content, and 7 places where i “like” things. 

i consider myself a minimalist, yet have now become an online pack rat. different accounts filled with years of uploads, and hearts, and thumbs up, and stars.

but why?

what am i ultimately gonna do with all of that content?

what am i gonna do with the 200 photos that i like on flickr? …or the 300 blog posts on tumblr, and dozens of photos on instagram, that i’ve hit the heart button on?

something needs to happen with this content.

i didn’t “like” things because i wanted to make someone else feel good, i did it because at that moment i sincerely felt attached to that piece of content.

somewhere, on each site, it’s all been archived.

something should be done with all that content, but i really have no idea what to do with it. 

i would love hear people’s thoughts and ideas on this matter.