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facebook graph search

whenever a new concept, new app, or new feature is released that includes some new search function, I always try to do the same thing… I try to break it.

I don’t think I was the only person that was confused about facebook holding a media event to announce graph search. I didn’t get it.

as soon as graph search was enabled on my facebook account, I could wait to have another reason to hate facebook. then, it all I blew up in my face…

I couldn’t break it.

in fact, I immediately began to rely on it. within minutes, i realized that graph search is probably one of the most powerful search and discovery engines available today.

let me give an example:

"Thai restaurants in Los Angeles, CA that are liked by people from Thailand who live in Los Angeles, CA"

there is a fairly specific string of words needed to return the exact results that you’re looking for, but results are the most specific and most accurate that I’ve seen.

last year, I went to Austin, TX for SXSW and found a great coffee shop called Houndstooth. this year I had to go to San Antonio, TX for a weeding. I love coffee. as soon as I landed, I opened up graph search:

"Coffee Shops in San Antonio, TX that are liked by people who also like Houndstooth Coffee in Austin, TX"

sure enough, I got a short list of great coffee shops in San Antonio.

if you already have graph search enabled on your facebook account, here are a few thought-starters that will help you take advantage of the power of graph search…

"Mexican Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA that my friends like"

Coffee Shops in Santa Monica, CA that are liked by people who also like Intelligentsia Coffee”

"Single girls who are friends with my friends"

…you’re welcome.

and, my personal favorite:

"Bars and Nightclubs in Los Angeles, CA that are liked by single girls that went to University of Southern California"

have fun.